Louët is 45 -Let’s Celebrate


Louët is a leading manufacturer for personal Weaving, Spinning, Carding, and Bookbinding equipment. Since 1974 Louët has strived for excellence in quality, design, and workmanship. Louët loom styles are easy to understand and use for both newbie weavers and experienced pros alike. Weaving and looms, like all fibre arts, have been around for thousands of […]

The Threads That Started It All

I found my love of fiber arts quite by accident. A friend of mine was wearing their baby in a cloth wrap. Having worn all of my children and never having seen a wrap of this beauty and construction I inquired about it. Endless adventure into fibre arts. That was the beginning of my endless […]

How the Elephant in the room turned into a gem

Louet Loom

This loom felt like an Elephant sitting in my living room. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. We all have one, something we are avoiding, overlooking, or just not getting done. It’s always more daunting then it seems, somehow the longer it remains in the corner the bigger the task appears, till we […]

Located in Gush Etzion, Israel

View from TASUE Studio

Are you local to Gush Etzion, Israel? Perhaps you travel and are looking for a family friendly activity? Here are 3 reasons you should head to Gush Etzion and check out TASUE designs. 1) The nature and landscape is gorges! What is more motivating for the soul and opening for personal artistic expression than the […]

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