Pros and Cons of weaving with a dummy warp.

tied on warp

When I began weaving in 2016, the weavings I worked on were group projects in which each participant took on a role in creation and setup of a large warp. Together the group planned the project, allotted tasks, and scheduled time for weaving their own individual section. I am a true believer in the process […]

25 terms to get you weaving.

glossary image

Terms to know in Weaving, Spinning, and Fibre arts.   This glossary is an evolving work, growing from your questions and dialogue. Thank you! Apron: cloth connected to the front or back beam of the loom, a warp is tied onto a cord or metal rod  which is attached to the apron cloth.  Beam: a wood […]

A Cozy Rosh Hashanah

Woven Talit

After many requests by my husband I decided Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, was the perfect time to appease his appetite for a Handwoven Tallit, prayer shawl. It took some time to come to terms about what his idea and my idea of this creation would look like. We agreed on wool as the […]



So I hear you weave. What do you make? Where do you get your yarn? Do you offer workshops? Weaving with a young student So many of you have been sending me questions, thank you! I know that when I have a question, I am not alone in that question. Here are a few answers […]

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