Chiaogoo TWIST Mini Tools Kit


This MINI™ Tools Kit comes with a gripper, two end stoppers, two cable connectors, six stitch markers and two tightening keys. To be used with the TWIST MINI™ Interchangeable system only; sizes US0 (2mm) – US3 (3.25mm)

  • Cable Connectors (2)
  • End Stoppers (2)
  • Tightening Keys (2)
  • Stitch Markers (6)
  • Rubber Gripper
  • Case

TASUE recommends the Chiaogoo Mini TWIST interchangeable system and personally uses these needles as a favorite due to their versatile nature in straight forward knitting, loop setup, interchangeable abilities, and tiny footprint. Their a low cost price point for a single set makes them an ideal luxury for any beginning knitter.

Grow with these needles in both size and ability by adding cables. Accessories are also available.

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