Finest Paper Yarn – Large bobbin


Finest Paper Yarn on Large Bobbin

Fibre: Paper

Length: 2750 yards (2500m) 10.6 ounces (300g)

Diameter: about 0.01inch / 0.4mm

Colors: natural-kraft colored, White, Black, and Grey

One of the finest Paper Yarns – it’s diameter is only a fraction of an inch.

Paper Yarn is a wonderful and exquisite material. There are ample possibilities like crocheting, knitting, scarp booking, weaving, jewelry making, DIY projects, decorations ,or gift wrapping. It can be dyed and coloured easily.

Thanks to its warm feeling and exquisite touch it’s suitable for your most ambitious projects. The quantity you get with this bobbin allows you to share the paper yarn with your DIY-friends or to produce a whole series for yourself.

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Rinse or hand wash with warm water if necessary. No wringing or dry spinning, please. Let dry flat if possible.

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