Roy G Biv Hand Carded Fiber by TASUE


This fiber rolag (long snail shape) and contains 22-28g, aprox. 1oz. of hand carded fiber.

This fibre blend is unique and especially made for you, by hand, by TASUE.

Density: This is a soft fibre blend.

Hand carded fibre blends are made of a variety of fibres (Never linen). Most often the base is a wool from breeds such as Merino, Corriedale, Shetland, Polwarth, etc. The base is mixed with fibres I have on hand, other wools, silk, cotton, bamboo, soy, hemp, etc.  Occasionally, plant based fibres such as hemp, ramie,  or cotton. These blends tend to be denser and not soft in fibre form.  Please check the density description before purchase.

These small order high end fibres are a great opportunity for newbie fiber users and established spinners, to experience color, texture, and technique.

The use of this fibre can be determined by the user as spinning, felting, or other crafting material.

May we suggest the Louët Octo Drop spindle as a great partner to craft yarn with this bundle.

To spin a rolag, simply pick and end, draft (thin out the fibre), and start to spin. To spin a batt you can spin directly from the batt or break off a piece to begin.

Disclaimer: please note that every screen shows colors differently, and while every attempt has been made to capture the colors as accurately as possible, colors appear differently in real life than they do on your screen. Dissatisfaction with color due to this discrepancy will not be accepted as a reason for a refund.


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