Yarn to Textile Workshop


From theory to weaving, participants will learn, plan, design, and implement all the necessary steps to actualize their own handwoven cloth.

This workshop focuses on both the experience and teaching the process of weaving.

Participants will weave their own project, choose the pattern and color, all while learning the practical aspects of 4-shaft weaving.

This 5 session workshop is for 5 participants.

Over the 5 sessions, 3 hours each, participants will be supported step by step through the stages of Yarn to Textile on a 4-shaft table loom, we use the Erica loom designed by Louët.

Together as a group, we will:

1. Plan your project

2. Create a warp

3. Set up the loom

4. Weave.

The use of the loom, studio materials, and yarns for this project are all included in the booking price of this workshop.


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