Handspun yarn by TASUE

A OOAK spin set in a lime green threaded with shimmery white hints of peri blue. Plushy yest sturdy enough for garment crafting. A beautiful longer staple spin with a spring to the finish.

Fiber: Merino, Polwarth, Silk and a touch of Giant Stinging Nettle

Weight: 138g

Length: 278y

Spun: Semi worsted 2-ply

WPI: 12-14

S- Twist: 40°

OOAK Handspun yarn ∾ Every handspun yarn has unique qualities, natural ebb and flow of thickness, and intrinsic nubs and slubs. These are an intrical part of it’s handmade beauty.

Disclaimer: Every screen shows colors differently, and while every attempt has been made to capture the colors as accurately as possible, colors appear differently in real life than they do on your screen. Due to this discrepancy, dissatisfaction with color will not be accepted as a reason for a refund.

Love the colorway? Looking for a thinner or thicker yarn? Ask me to spin this fibre to your specifications!

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