Winter Blues -Handwoven- wool cowl

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Your Handcrafted Piece is Unique by Design

Handwoven wool cowl with handstitched hem and fringe.

Woven in Israel by TASUE using soft Sweet Georgia sock yarn in a palate of teal, purple, and white.

Material: Wool with a small percentage of nylon (Sweet Georgia Sock yarn)

Size: 32″ round plus fringe

Pattern: Twill

Color: Winter Blues

Hem: Hand hemstitched with Twisted fringe.



This piece is a short neck cowl, too short to double over, but just long enough to cover your head and neck in the winter.


Handwoven pieces are OOAK (one of a kind) Due to the special qualities of natural yarns and the handwaving process, your piece may contain imperfections such as nubs and slubs in the weave. Handwork may include an irregularity.

Some consider handwoven items with an irregularity to be seconds. On a singular basis, I do not, I consider them to be a catcher of the eye.  A line or space that may never be noticed or one that seeks out your visual attention.   For transparency, any irregularity will be noted on the description page.


Care: Only wash when necessary. Handwash in cool or hand warm water with a delicate soap added to the water prior to introducing the item. Do not agitate when wet. This will cause felting. Remove the piece and press out heavy water, place flat on a towel, roll up the piece into the towel and gently press across the width, this will remove a great deal of the water. Lay flat to dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not machine wash. Do not dry-clean.


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