Located in Gush Etzion, Israel

Are you local to Gush Etzion, Israel? Perhaps you travel and are looking for a family friendly activity? Here are 3 reasons you should head to Gush Etzion and check out TASUE designs.

1) The nature and landscape is gorges! What is more motivating for the soul and opening for personal artistic expression than the beauties of nature?

2) Gush Etzion is just 15 min. from the city center of Jerusalem. There is an entire community of life out here, at a slightly slower pace than the big city.

Come take a break from your travels, choose a method of artistry that wouldn’t be a given at home.

3) TASUE designs seeks to build community. Virtually, you can take part in the community here. Let’s get real, everything’s better with a hand, eye connection. Stop by and take part in a live group of people who already love the art of fibre.

Our new studio location is:



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