The Threads That Started It All

I found my love of fiber arts quite by accident. A friend of mine was wearing their baby in a cloth wrap. Having worn all of my children and never having seen a wrap of this beauty and construction I inquired about it.

Endless adventure into fibre arts.

That was the beginning of my endless adventure into fibre arts. I set a goal to design and weave a custom baby wrap for my own child. If I could wear my baby then certainly I should be able to weave a warp for my baby. For the next baby, number eight, with two years and a ton of practice along the way. I had lots of supportive mentors with experience, talent, and enthusiasm for weaving, spinning, and all fibre arts. I am forever grateful for the connections and roots of the KWWS.

Though I may now be far in distance, having moved from Canada to Israel, the examples and love of this craft they have offered me are now set in stone for a lifetime of continued learning.

This is was the bare bones of my original baby wrap using 8/2 cotton yarns. The beginning threads of the project that started it all. Even on the warping mill, the color palate was immediate love.

Weaving in Progress. Woven with a mix of straight and reverse patterning in order to create multiple visual patterns throughout the piece.


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