So I hear you weave. What do you make? Where do you get your yarn? Do you offer workshops?


Weaving with a young student

So many of you have been sending me questions, thank you! I know that when I have a question, I am not alone in that question. Here are a few answers I want to share with you.

“I hear you weave.”

Yes, I weave!

“What do you weave?”

I make, blankets, scarfs, kitchen towels, bath towels, fabric, and basically anything I’m drawn to create.

“What exactly is weaving?”

Weaving is the integration of vertical threads intertwined with horizontal threads. This is the shortest answer I can possibly offer. Though to the point, it does weaving no justice.

I must say that weaving is SO much more! It is a combination of art and mathematics, geometry and sensory experiences, fibre and emotion. Weaving is all of these!

“Where do you get your yarn?”

I have a stock of yarn which I have cultivated over many years. It tends to grow from intended purchases, kind gifts, and self creations.

Sometimes I break into my sales stash. My studio carries a paper yarn from paperphine, and handspun yarn of my own creation.

“Do you offer workshops?”

I do, you can check them out on my workshop page. I teach a combined freeform and traditional tapestry weaving workshop as well as a table loom workshop which offers the basics of weaving on a 4-shaft loom. (More on 4 shaft looms soon.)

Weaving is catchy, once you try it out it is super difficult not to be hooked. I find the best way to get the itch it on tapestry looms. The Louët Lisa is my favorite with a great price point, portability and open-ended use.

Thanks for the questions!

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